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The Story

Hundreds of thousands of years ago in this Universe, in our Milky Way Galaxy, on the planet Mars, the skies light up as a giant spaceship crashes into the ocean. The inhabitants of Mars rush to the scene with their outdated weapons to find two strange beings that look very different from them: the Reptilian and Human races.

Both races escaped their dying Universe with the hope of finding a Universe with a habitable star to ensure their races' survival. The inhabitants of Mars, afraid of the unknown, put them in jail. A few days later, Mars' inhabitants started to die of a strange disease that seemed to be unknowingly brought by the Humans and Reptilians. They blame the intruder races and aim to kill them all.

Reptilians and Humans, way more advanced than them, have no choice but to defend their race, killing the inhabitants. The Reptilian and Humans soon made Mars their new home.

Humans and Reptilian formed a government. Later on, they started to reproduce their technology after settling in quickly; humans first contacted other beings from around our star. They shared technology in exchange for their knowledge of life in this Universe. The Humans quickly began to create coalitions with other less advanced races.

Reptilians, on the other hand, started to conduct secrets programs without the consent of the Humans. They began to bioengineer with alien lifeforms against their will. The Reptilian race began to feel superior to Humans. On the other hand, Humans wanted to ally and coexist peacefully with the new Universe's inhabitants. When the other races discovered that Humans and Reptilians killed Mars' inhabitants, they turned against them. Eventually, both Humans and other races realized what Reptilians were doing. As a result, the Humans offered to help eradicate the Reptilian race if they forgive them for their past actions.

These other beings need the technology that the Humans possessed, so they took up Humanity's offer. Humans then started a war against their sister race, the Reptilian race. The Humans' coalition outnumbered the Reptilians and thus were forced to escape to the Sagittarius constellation - a dying star with a challenging environment where Humans wouldn't be able to reach. There, they reorganized, they took time to rebuild, but yet the resources were limited. To make up for the lack of resources, they ventured out to nearby star systems to steal resources, kill, and conquer other stars. But they never lost eyes on our star.

Draco, the Reptilian leader who is a descendant of the Reptilian ruler in their former, dying Universe, vowed to avenge their race by eliminating Humans. He promised to take what belonged to them, our star.

Meanwhile, in our star system, Humans were too controlling. Other races saw it as a liability to let humans have this much power, leading to a new war. As a result of nuclear warfare, the planet Mars got destroyed in this bloody war. Our Human ancestors, a few handfuls left in space to hide, eventually evolving genetically slightly different from the original Human ancestor.

Before the catastrophe on Mars, our Human ancestors created a new race, two synthetic humans that looked slightly similar to us. The original humans had bioengineered a new race. But these two beings, non-gender, were made special, immortal, super smart, super strong.

Humans created them to save Humanity and sent them to Planet Earth to terraform it, so if something were to happen to the Humans on Mars, these two beings would again give birth to Humanity.

After the loss of Mars, our star system's nations and races created the Federation to ensure our star's safety and keep the peace. After the Federation learned about Earth and Humanity's rebirth, hundreds of years later, they brought Queen Izaar to court to decide the Humans' fate. The Federation agreed to let Humans be free, as long as they never ventured outside planet Earth. 

Without oversight over Earth's space, different beings came to watch the evolution of the modern Human. Some started to use Humans for experiments against Queen Izaar's will. After thousands of years of reorganizing, Reptilians sent Draco's son Waltman and his two brothers, along with thousands of other Reptilians, to our world and set up bases on Earth. Eventually, Queen Izaar battled these Reptilian invaders. During this war, Queen Izaar was able to ally with Waltman and kill his two other brothers. Claiming victory, she erased all history and life on the planet and began a circle of rebirth. Believing she defeated the Reptilians, they soon returned once more to take control of Earth. That's when the Federation intervened. They made a treaty with Queen Izaar. She first had to be imprisoned at a Federation camp; in exchange, the Federation would eliminate the Reptilian infestation, restrict any race from ever setting foot on planet Earth, and allow Humans to evolve peacefully on Earth. This time the Federation would monitor Earth's activities and its Humans. The Federation studies us, analyzes us, flies over our heads, they control us, us the ones that once gave them technology from another Universe.

After hundreds of years of freedom, the Reptilian race reorganizes again, this time in the form of the Nazi party leader, Hitler. The Reptilian race can shapeshift to look like humans. Reptilians took over most of Europe in the form of Humans. In response, the Federation released Queen Izaar and sent her back to Earth to save Humanity and eliminate the Reptilian race's threat. 

Today, the Reptilian race has advanced its control of Earth to the point of infiltrating the office of President of the United States. Queen Izaar is running out of time to save us all. We continue to be weakened by the enemy who has turned us against each other. If we can't come together, stop hating each other and understand who we indeed are - the descendants of the most advanced race that ever set foot in the Universe will die. We, Humans, are better than this, but if we don't wake up to our call if we can't come together, our enemy will win, and our race will forever vanish.

We invite you to learn more about our characters' roles in this Universe of Kraven Comics, where we believe everyone can be a hero.

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