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About the creator, founder,

art director and writer

Fernando Velez's journey from a challenging upbringing in Puerto Rico to becoming the creator of Kraven comics, notably The Queen’s Heroes, is a compelling narrative of resilience and creativity. His personal struggles, coupled with a fervent passion for storytelling, drove him to channel his experiences into a medium with the potential to inspire and empower others.

Growing up in a conservative environment on an island like Puerto Rico, Fernando faced the additional challenges of being LGBTQ, which adds depth to his narrative. His use of storytelling as an escape from harsh realities is a recurring theme among creators, and it's clear that he has leveraged this outlet not only to navigate his own hardships but also to positively contribute to the representation of the LGBTQ community.

Fernando's determination to break free from limitations is evident in his pursuit of education in art and television production, as well as his relocations to San Juan and later participation in the Disney College Program. His early career in TV and radio production, notably with Telemundo, reflects his dedication and swift progression within the industry.

His entrepreneurial spirit, showcased by creating and publishing Kraven Magazine, followed by a transition to comic book creation, is commendable. Kraven Magazine, likely addressing LGBTQ issues, laid the groundwork for Fernando to bring his vision of Class6, specifically The Queen’s Heroes and the Kraven Universe Anthology, to fruition.

The Queen’s Heroes, more than just a series of comic books, serves as a representation of gay life within the comic world. It becomes a platform to illustrate the hardships faced by the LGBTQ community, embodying a narrative of freedom and equality. Fernando's vision transcends mere entertainment; it aims to provide a voice to those who may have felt unrepresented and to contribute to a more inclusive world.

His assertion that The Queen’s Heroes convey a message that anyone can be a hero resonates with the broader theme of inclusivity and diversity in storytelling. By crafting characters and narratives reflective of diverse experiences, Fernando not only shares his own story but also creates a space for others to see themselves as heroes.

In summary, Fernando Velez's journey from adversity to becoming a creator in the entertainment industry, particularly in the realm of comics, underscores the transformative power of storytelling to transcend personal struggles and advocate for positive change and representation.


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We are committed to ensuring that the LGBTQ community receives the representation it deserves in the comic book industry. Our artists meticulously craft high-quality pages that center around LGBTQ experiences. Kraven Comics will be available in multiple languages and on various digital platforms, making it accessible worldwide. Our focus on inclusivity and raising awareness of social justice issues underscores our belief that anyone can be a Hero at Kraven Comics.


As we strive to become an LGBTQ icon in the comic book world, we aim to inspire communities to embrace and celebrate their identities and relationships proudly. We are committed to supporting and investing in organizations that address the issues we spotlight in our stories. Together, we can make a meaningful impact and foster positive change.

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