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Formerly known as Class6, The Queen's Heroes is in the final stages of coloring the last 130 pages of the new 650-page graphic novel, marking 10 years of Fernando's queer superheroes birth. Two years ago, Fernando began collaborating with a producer from Sony Pictures, working independently, to develop an animated TV show, which evolved into plans for a theatrical movie after meeting with a top animation production company. During the Hollywood strike, Fernando, mentored by the producer, refined Class6, eventually renaming it "The Queen's Heroes" and rewriting 90% of the first 10 episodes. Over the last year, Fernando added two new episodes, new intros, and about 200 new, previously unseen pages, compiling them into a 650-page graphic novel. With the new book, Fernando is resuming the efforts to secure an animation movie deal, confident of success by summer.

We have a limited inventory of the original Class6 stories and books, soon to become collectibles. Once the new book is out, Class6 will never be reprinted or sold again. We plan to launch a Kickstarter campaign in May, featuring exciting new books besides The Queen's Heroes like "The Kraven Universe," detailing Fernando's entire created universe, and "Kraven: Dreams, Love, Sex, Drugs, and Money," a memoir revealing the journey behind Kraven's inception. You'll also get a first look preview at "Kraven: The Documentary," chronicling Kraven's last 3 years of journey from struggles to securing a movie deal, set for release in mid-2025 at film festival. 

The journey has been challenging, marked by sacrifices and tears, but Fernando is excited to expand The Queen's Heroes' reach to the UK, Australia, Mexico, and Spain by opening companies in those countries. We're grateful for our fans' immense support and ready to take it to the next level by the end of summer.

Please share and continue to buy what's left of our old books so we can finish production of "The Queen's Heroes."

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The first book introduces us to Queen Izaar, created thousands of years ago by our human ancestors to be the scientist tasked with ensuring humanity thrives through time and space, ultimately to safeguard humanity. She is haunted by an ancient enemy: a reptilian race that has sought to eliminate humans for millennia, leading her to become a self-made warrior.

Now, one final war is poised to end this bloody cycle of conflict between races, and it will unfold in our time, specifically on our planet Earth. Queen Izaar recruits five other superheroes, all of whom happen to be members of the LGBTQ community. Each plays a crucial role in determining the fate of humanity, despite enduring rejection, attacks, and ostracism from humanity for generations. They must find the strength to forgive humanity and unite with Queen Izaar to save our world.

Throughout the series, the fight for the survival of our flawed human race ironically rests in the hands of these LGBTQ heroes. Initially, each hero fights solely for LGBTQ rights or their personal struggles. However, as they uncover the greater conflict, they realize that the ultimate battle is for the survival of the entire human race.

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