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In our current world, an evil alien race, the reptilians, threatens humanity’s existence and continues to battle an ancient war brought upon both races by their ancestors. Queen Izaar and her group of heroes, who have been persecuted their entire life for generations for the way they identify, are, ironically, the only ones that can save the flawed   race from extinction at the hands of the reptilians.

Sprawling across a vast multiverse of alien worlds and multiple dimensions with angels, demons, and alien races, our multifaceted characters and their rich experiences touch on many sensitive topics, such as social injustice, discrimination, authoritarianism, addictions, suicide, rape, slavery, genocide, and more. All seen through the lens of the LGBTQ+ community.


The Class6 series introduces us to Queen Izaar, which our original human ancestors created to safeguard humanity.

But there is one problem: she is plagued by an ancient enemy—the reptilian race—that has tried to eliminate the human race for thousands of years. Now one last war is about to end this bloody cycle of race against race. And it will happen in our time, and more specifically on our planet earth.


In her quest for universal peace, Queen Izaar enlists the help of our other five LGBTQ superheroes. Each hero plays their own essential role in the fate of humanity, and they must learn to come together with their abilities to join forces with Queen Izaar. They must decide if they want to save the very same human race that has rejected, attacked, and ostracized them for lifetimes.


In the overall arc of the Class6 series, the fight for the survival of the human race lies in the hands of these LGBTQ heroes. Humanity will learn the truth about their existence and origins. They must decide if they want to continue this status quo of hate and division or if the humans will finally come together as one race to defeat their common enemy and become the powerful race they once were hundreds of thousands of years ago.

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