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"This comic has a little bit of everything: young queer representation, family dynamics, and of course a little bit of the supernatural!" - @butterfliesbookshelf

"Aside from the heartwarming story and compelling dialogue, the art itself was sweet, emotional, and sometimes a bit scary." @grimoireofhorror

Uh oh, is my new crush the cause of all those missing townsfolk? Sure, he seems really sweet, but he and his dad are hiding something, I just know it! When the sun goes down, that’s when people start to disappear. And there are reports of someone lurking in the shadows, always near the scene of the crimes...


It’s love at first sight for Caleb and Hunter, but a deadly secret is about to wreck their romance. Will their love story be cut short in the face of a shadowy onslaught? Blush is a blossoming love story with a whole lot of bite, perfect for fans of Twilight and Love, Simon!

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Hunter (our other protagonist) is Caleb's shy, mysterious neighbor. All he wants is to keep to himself and be as ordinary as possible. Well, that and to hopefully find a fellow fantasy nerd just like him. But underneath this bashful, tiny exteriori is a fearsome presence. What are Hunter and his dad hiding from the rest of the world? And what happens when it comes screaming out in full force?!

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Caleb (our protagonist) is an out gay high school athlete. Things seem to be going a little too well in his quiet suburban community. All it takes is for one new neighbor to move in down the street for young romance to blossom and Caleb's life to be completely turned upside down. What starts out as a cute crush could very well end with his worst nightmare come to life!


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