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Onyx, our nonbinary high school nerd, would rather spend Saturday night studying than going out. But once word spreads that the all-star quarterback is hosting a house party, Onyx’s parents force them to go out and have fun for once. Once there, Onyx bumps into Reggie, the school's biggest drama queen. Reggie can’t stand Onyx, but are there deeper feelings beneath the surface?


Meanwhile, house party host/obnoxious jock Caesar rounds up his teammates to complete “the ritual”. Only on the full moon can the three of them drink Caesar’s mysterious potion and begin the transformation.


Suddenly, three SNARLING WEREWOLVES burst out into the crowd, tearing apart everything in their path!


Onyx and Reggie try to escape, only to run into Caesar's hench-wolves. But these two are more like giant teddy bears rather than ferocious beasts. Teaming up with Onyx and Reggie, this motley crew prepares to fight back against Caesar. 


Facing what could be their final moments, Reggie and Onyx find themselves admitting their deepest feelings... 


…Only to be interrupted by a werewolf fight! Nobody can stop Caesar's evil plot, unless Onyx and Reggie can find a solution in time. 


Silver can stop any werewolf in their tracks, right? Right?!


WRONG! How can our heroes escape this wild werewolf? Will Onyx and Reggie fall in love or fight their feelings? Find out all of this and more in an ending you definitely won't see coming!

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 Onyx is our nerdy non-binary protagonist. They would much rather spend their Saturday night studying than going out. Unfortunately, none of that studying involves werewolf slaying methods.



Reggie is our certified teenage diva. He throws much better parties than the one in this comic, and he'll let you know all about it. Nothing about him screams "I know how to stop rabid teenage werewolves from attacking my classmates", but he'll begrudgingly make an effort. 




Caesar is the Party Host, Star Quarterback, and Snobby Rich Kid all at once! As soon as his parents are out of town, the fun really begins. Did I say fun? I meant Caesar's master revenge plan, the motivation of which gets dramatically revealed in the climax.



These two hairy dorks may seem scary at first, but they behave exactly how you would expect awkward teenagers (who suddenly transform into werewolves) would. Are they vicious rage monsters or friendly teddy bears? Read the rest of the story to find out!

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Hi there! I'm Lorry, non-binary cartoonist and lover of all things horror. Thank you so much for checking out this campaign for Party Animals, the first issue in an anthology of LGBTQ+ young adult horror comics (a.k.a. Nightshade, a catchier title than what I just described). I'm beyond excited to be working with Kraven Comics on this story, and we've been developing some really fun merchandise to support it! There's a special behind the scenes book full of just about everything I created while developing Party Animals, including character sketches, cover designs, logo options, and commentary on my creative process. It comes in an exclusive retro cover, paying homage to 1950's EC horror comics! We also have special t-shirts and tote bags, spotlighting some of my favorite out of context panels. I also made a series of hand-lettered watercolor paintings, each showcasing a special quote from the comic (that also happens to be the main message of the story). There's only ten of them in existence, only available as original art! Finally, there is an extra-super-duper-exclusive watercolor painting spotlighting the main characters of this story. It's literally the only full-color artwork of these characters I've ever made, literally one of a kind. I'm so excited for you to see this story for yourself. I'm so honored to have worked with Kraven Comics on this project. And I'm especially grateful to make a story that celebrates LGBTQ+ authenticity, that also involves sarcastic werewolves.

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