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Get ready for a frighteningly fun horror series from Lorry Jamison and Kraven Comics! Each issue of Nightshade is a self-contained story, where an LGBTQ+ teen protagonist will face their worst fears, whether that's tough emotions or real-life monsters! But pay very close attention, for there will be clues laid out leading up to a connected world and a climactic sixth issue! Issues will be released every three months digitally. Keep up to date on the latest announcements (and the reveal of each comic's title) by following and @lorryjamison on Instagram! 

Issue 1: Party Animals - December 2023

Issue 2: Blush - March 2024

Issue 3: Codename: Boo - June 2024

Issue 4: Codename: Jump - September 2024

Issue 5: Codename: Butcher - December 2024

Issue 6: Codename: Hoot -Release Date TBA

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Hi there! I'm Lorry, non-binary cartoonist and lover of all things horror. Thank you so much for checking out this campaign for Party Animals, the first issue in an anthology of LGBTQ+ young adult horror comics (a.k.a. Nightshade, a catchier title than what I just described). I'm beyond excited to be working with Kraven Comics on this story, and we've been developing some really fun merchandise to support it! There's a special behind the scenes book full of just about everything I created while developing Party Animals, including character sketches, cover designs, logo options, and commentary on my creative process. It comes in an exclusive retro cover, paying homage to 1950's EC horror comics! We also have special t-shirts and tote bags, spotlighting some of my favorite out of context panels. I also made a series of hand-lettered watercolor paintings, each showcasing a special quote from the comic (that also happens to be the main message of the story). There's only ten of them in existence, only available as original art! Finally, there is an extra-super-duper-exclusive watercolor painting spotlighting the main characters of this story. It's literally the only full-color artwork of these characters I've ever made, literally one of a kind. I'm so excited for you to see this story for yourself. I'm so honored to have worked with Kraven Comics on this project. And I'm especially grateful to make a story that celebrates LGBTQ+ authenticity, that also involves sarcastic werewolves.

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