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Eons ago, in a distant universe, a mysterious adversary emerged, consuming the energy of entire galaxies, stars, and planets. Its rampage rendered the entire cosmos uninhabitable, annihilating all life except for two resilient opponents: Humans and Reptilians. Curiously, the enemy spared these two races, believing it was not the opportune moment in the universe to eradicate them, fearing that eliminating them would spell its own destruction.


Both Humans and Reptilians, believing they had defeated their enemy, were prompted to unite in order to share the last habitable planet. However, they made a dreadful discovery: the mysterious adversary had not perished but instead abandoned them to a universe that was rapidly contracting, leaving them with only ten years before their universe would crush them.


Desperate for a solution, a select few Humans and Reptilians kept their discovery secret to avoid social chaos in their societies. The best scientists and physicists from both races collaborated to achieve what they believed was impossible: traveling to another universe. They identified ten dark holes in space, believed to be portals to other universes, and prepared ten interuniversal expeditions. However, due to the immense force required for such an exodus, only a small fraction of beings could escape their impending doom. At this critical juncture, the two races clashed for the first time, each striving to save as many of their own as possible.


Their secret was eventually discovered, plunging both Human and Reptilian societies into the realization of their impending demise and sparking chaos and civil unrest. Their leaders, a gay interracial couple, Lael, a Reptilian, and Vince, a Human, locked all technology and data of their societies within a capsule referred to as the "Catalyst." It was to be unlocked only when both races reached a level of balance and peace. Recognizing their own personal looming conflict, Lael and Vince also chose to upload their consciousnesses and safeguard them in the Catalyst as well.


As their universe began to implode, nine missions were dispatched. However, communications with the missions failed. Uncertain of success, Humans and Reptilians embarked on their final expedition, journeying through the remaining black hole with their most advanced technology and an elite personnel, belonging to a division called Loas.


The last mission successfully arrived at a young star in a new universe, KE2004, on a planet known as Mars. The inhabitants of Mars were hostile to the new arrivals, provoking both Humans and Reptilians to engage the Martians in battle, resulting in the Martians' complete annihilation. This led to the Humans and Reptilians claiming Mars as their new home.


The Human and Reptilian races expanded their reach, establishing communication with other planets in their new star system. The Human approach to the undeveloped civilizations of our star was a diplomatic strategy, aiming to understand the culture of the native inhabitants and share their technology. The Reptilians, however, sought to militarize these distant planets and dominate the native populations. Their motivation stemmed from a desire for exacting revenge on their mysterious evil adversary. They had a secret plan to create a powerful military race they called the R-race with the goal of militarizing the uninhabitable planet Earth, turning it into a military planet to protect our star system.


After decades of peaceful cooperation between the races, another star nation discovered the disturbing truth: Humans and Reptilians committed genocide on the inhabitants of Mars. This resulted in forming a “Federation of Star Nations,” which excluded the Humans and Reptilians and decreed that both Human and Reptilian empires must disarm and submit to its authority.


When the federation issued its ultimatum, both races rejected the federation's request to surrender and declared war against it. At this time, black women scientists and engineers of a division referred to as Loas revealed the Reptilians secret plan of bioengineering a new race, merging their DNA with that of unwilling subjects from other star nations. The Loas presented their findings to the Humans, seeking independence in exchange for being granted the freedom to leave Mars. Confronted with this evidence, the Humans blamed the Martian genocide on the Reptilians and sought an alliance with the federation, leading to a rupture with their former kin.


Humans, now an ally of the federation, declared war on all Reptilians, resulting in the Reptilians escaping to the harsh environment of an unreachable planetary system of a dying star. Some Reptilians remained and stayed hidden in our star system. The reptilian leader, Draco left his three sons, called the Royal Brothers, with the task of regrouping and preparing Earth as a military enclave for his return.


Now, with the majority of Reptilians hiding in an unreachable constellation, Humans became the most powerful and dominant race in the star. Their growing strength threatened the balance of power. The federation, discovering humanity's secrets and threatened by their growing dominance, declared war on humanity. They deemed their presence a disruption to universal balance, necessitating their elimination.


Facing possible extinction, humans embarked on creating pairs of unique, superior beings. These scientists were charged with giving rebirth to a modern human if humans were ever extinct. One was tasked with crafting the modern human’s bodies, and the other to create consciousness. The first two were named Izaar and Lucifer. Hundreds of these pairs were created, embedded within their DNA was a code dubbed 'love,' ensuring unwavering loyalty and deeming them the architects of modern humanity, akin to gods. Capsules containing these new super beings were transported to the far reaches of the universe, carrying the hope that modern humans would survive and thrive somewhere in the galaxy.


As humanity faced the looming threat of complete eradication, the first unique pair of humans created, Lucifer and Izaar, were sent to Earth, a planet soon to be terraformed. Not long after their arrival, they met members of the Loas division. The Loas, who have made their home on Pluto, a dwarf planet once believed incapable of supporting life, concealed their existence to safeguard the planet's inhabitants.


Peace didn’t last long as the Reptilians, when departing our star system, discovered the Loas were living on Pluto and launched an attack to take revenge against them for their betrayal, making the planet uninhabitable. The last standing members of the Loas division, Ayira, Keita, Naya, along with a new hybrid race, sought refuge on Earth.


The Loas offered assistance in terraforming Earth, in exchange for them to live hidden on Earth. Izaar and Lucifer entered a deep sleep state while Loas began the process of terraforming Earth. Upon awakening, they received news that Mars and all of humanity had been destroyed. Now, the fate of the human race rests solely in their hands as the only chance for the rebirth of a new modern human race. They also received word of the Catalyst's arrival on Earth, sent by humans, Izaar and Lucifer were instructed to protect it.

The federation, upon discovering the rebirth of human life, permitted their existence only on Earth as a primitive race, excluding them from the greater Star Nation Community. The Reptilians, however, remerged, deciding to reclaim what they believed belonged to them: Earth. Izaar decides to confront and engage in warfare against the Reptilians' desire for domination but the war takes a turn when she is betrayed by her partner, Lucifer. Now vulnerable and alone, she forms an unlikely alliance with one of the royal Reptilian brothers, Stuart. Eventually, Izaar was captured and imprisoned by the Federation as they discovered the genocide orchestrater with Stuart in order to stop the endless circles of war between reptilians and humans. During Izaar’s absence the reptilian disguised as humans advances their agenda, allowing for their continued aggression and occupation of planet Earth. The Federation who continuously monitored human evolution on earth discovered that the reptilians have been living among humans and perceived them as a threat to the entire star nation. They set Izaar free, with the ultimate goal of controlling the Reptilian infestation on Earth; if Izaar fails, the federation will eradicate Earth along with all of its human inhabitants.

Upon her release from prison, Izaar arrives on Earth in 1940 to a world filled with hate and division. Here, the Reptilian race, disguised as humans, is conquering Europe with plans for global domination. Although she manages to impede their progress, internal human conflicts hinder her efforts to stop the Reptilians entirely. Exhausted from assuming a warrior role and feeling the weight of her solitude, Izaar grows disillusioned and considers giving up the fight to save humanity. However, one day everything changes, something happens that reignites her hope for humanity's salvation. Her destiny crosses with a group of individuals who possess special abilities and happen to identify as LGBTQ+. Yet, she wonders if these marginalized soon-to-be heroes, who have long suffered persecution for their identities, will forgive humanity and join her in the fight to save our flawed human race.

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