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In this episode two of Loas of Kraven, Quiet Night, after they are discovered, Ayira remembers the threat of the English colonist. Twenty years ago, she left to contact the outsiders, quickly falling in love with a man from a faraway tribe. While Ayira was expecting a child, he sold her to the English colonist behind her back. When they came for her and the rest of the village, no one knew who she was until she decided that instead of running away, she would use her abilities to free them, preventing them from becoming slaves. Ayira killed all colonists but one who escaped, William. After about 20 years, William is in charge of the exploring mission that discovered the Loas kingdom's location. He has been looking for Ayira for 20 years. This old-time enemy will change the peace and harmony of the kingdom of Loas, putting them at risk of slavery. Also, in this episode, we learned that within the Loas of Kraven Kingdom, there is a traitor who somehow feeds a white colonist into a mighty red three as some kind of ritual to acquire evil powers.

Loas of Kraven Episode 2

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