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In our present reality, humanity faces an existential threat from an evil alien race known as the reptilians, perpetuating an ancient war inherited from their ancestors. Queen Izaar and her band of heroes, who have endured generations of persecution for their identities, paradoxically emerge as humanity's last hope against extinction at the hands of the reptilians.

Spanning a vast multiverse teeming with alien worlds, diverse dimensions, and populated by angels, demons, and allien races, our characters navigate complex narratives that delve into sensitive topics. These include social injustice, discrimination, authoritarianism, addiction, suicide, rape, slavery, genocide, and more—all through the perspective of the LGBTQ+ community.


The Kraven Comics Universe

Eons ago, Humans and Reptilians mysteriously arrived on Mars, their origins shrouded in enigma.  To ensure their survival in this uncharted realm, they resorted to drastic measures, callously committing genocide against the existing Martian population, thus establishing Mars as their new home while keeping their origins a secret.

The Humans and Reptilians established themselves as superior yet competitive races. However, a series of events and betrayals ensued, leading to the reptilians becoming humanity's primary adversary. Defeated in the war against humans, the reptilians and their leader, Draco, were banished from our star.

As human-made conflicts threatened their impending extinction on Mars, they created Izaar and Lucifer, two unique beings tasked with terraforming and inhabiting Earth, thus giving rise to the modern human race. Thousands of years later, the established human civilization begins to self-destruct with the emergence of dictators and autocrats inciting interracial conflicts, homophobia, and atrocities against humanity. This was the perfect scenario for the reptilians to reemerge aiming to take what they believe belongs to them, Earth.

After a long absence, Izaar returns to Earth, given an ultimatum by the federation of our star to eliminate the reptilian race before they take matters into their own hands. This is when she crosses paths with these unique beings who possess special abilities and whose lives have been interconnected since the beginning of time. However, there is one issue: these soon-to-be heroes identify as LGBTQ, and they are the ones who can stand behind Izaar to save humanity. But after being ostracized and attacked for generations, they are left wondering,


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In the 1680s, a powerful society ruled over what is now known as the Tongo area on the west coast of Africa. Led by women who occupied the highest government and military positions, this thriving society revered men as protectors and worshippers of women, the creators of life.

After millennia of prosperity, English colonists stumbled upon them and swiftly sought to conquer them, unaware of the unique nature of this society. Initially perceived as a mere tribe, the English soon discovered the depth of power and resilience within this civilization as they attempted to infiltrate and subdue it. These would-be conquerors unwittingly plunged the Kingdom of England into the greatest conflict it had ever faced.


"Party Animals" seamlessly blends the tongue-in-cheek eerie ambiance reminiscent of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" with the heartfelt portrayal of queer emotions akin to "Heartstopper." This narrative intertwines a spooky atmosphere with a tender queer romance, all against the backdrop of a frenzied high school house party. Adding to the mix are awkward yet fierce teen werewolves, creating an ideal fusion of humor and horror that is sure to captivate audiences!

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Kraven Magazine is an LGBTQ+ quarterly publication featuring articles from up to 25 individuals and businesses per volume, allowing them to reach our community at no cost. In addition, each issue will provide ad placements free of charge to LGBTQ+ small businesses through these sections: Entrepreneurship, Art and Entertainment, Fitness & Wellness, Cuisine, Travel, Queer Social Justice, Photography Editorials, Extraordinary People, Well-being/Coaching, Not-profits, and Drag.


The story follows Babette, an adorable French Bulldog who reigns as the sole ruler of her new home. Showered with love and affection by her human parents, she leads a blissful life as the alpha pup. However, her world is turned upside down when her owners introduce a new companion, Moby. Babette's initial reaction is one of hostility, as she asserts her dominance and refuses to relinquish her alpha status. Yet, over time, a truce is forged, and the two dogs learn to coexist, eventually forming a bond through playful interactions. Author and artist, Sergio, skillfully captures this journey from solitude to conflict to eventual acceptance, crafting a heartwarming tale suitable for children and dog lovers alike.

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This book serves as a comprehensive guide for individuals striving for self-fulfillment in life and seeking success in higher education. It shares invaluable skills and habits that facilitate the attainment of self-love, while emphasizing the significance of embracing one's identity, whether as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, a Person of Color, or a First-Generation student.

Each chapter offers practical advice, equipping readers with tangible tips for effective teamwork and optimal practices to enhance self-esteem and interpersonal connections. The book delves into the importance of fostering positive self-talk, cultivating accountability, and nurturing relationships to establish a robust support system, achieve personal goals, and bring aspirations to fruition.

Upon completing this book, readers will feel empowered, equipped, and poised to surmount obstacles and persevere through challenges encountered on their journey toward success.

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