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Class6: Is Humanity Worth Saving?

Human existence teeters on the brink of annihilation due to the threat posed by a malevolent alien species. Interestingly, a cohort of heroes, all of whom identify as LGBTQ, emerge as the potential saviors of humanity. Having endured a lifetime of persecution for their identities, they ponder...

 Is Humanity Worth Saving After All?


Party Animals blends the tongue-in-cheek eerie ambiance reminiscent of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" with the heartfelt portrayal of queer emotions akin to "Heartstopper." This narrative intertwines a spooky atmosphere with a queer romance, setting it against the backdrop of a frenzied high school house party, while adding a dash of awkward yet fierce teen werewolves. It's an ideal fusion of humor and horror!


In the 1680s, a formidable civilization reigned over what is presently recognized as the Tongo region on Africa's western coast. This thriving society was governed by women who occupied the highest echelons of both governance and the military. Within this kingdom, men dedicated themselves to safeguarding and venerating women as the progenitors of life.

Following millennia of prosperity, English colonists stumbled upon them and swiftly aimed to subjugate them, oblivious to the fact that this civilization differed markedly from any other they had encountered. Initially perceived as a tribe, this race revealed itself to be immensely potent and resilient as the English infiltrated in their quest for conquest. These aspiring conquerors would thrust the Kingdom of England into its most profound conflict yet.

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Kraven Magazine is an LGBTQ+ quarterly publication featuring articles from up to 25 individuals and businesses per volume, allowing them to reach our community at no cost. In addition, each issue will provide ad placements free of charge to LGBTQ+ small businesses through these sections: Entrepreneurship, Art and Entertainment, Fitness & Wellness, Cuisine, Travel, Queer Social Justice, Photography Editorials, Extraordinary People, Well-being/Coaching, Not-profits, and Drag.


This book serves as a comprehensive guide for individuals striving for self-fulfillment in life and seeking success in higher education. It shares valuable skills and habits that facilitate the attainment of self-love while emphasizing the significance of embracing one's identity, whether as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, a Person of Color, or a First-Generation student.

Each chapter offers practical advice, equipping readers with tangible tips for effective teamwork and optimal practices to enhance self-esteem and interpersonal connections. The book delves into the importance of fostering positive self-talk, cultivating accountability, and nurturing relationships to establish a robust support system, achieve personal goals, and bring aspirations to fruition.

Upon completing this book, readers will feel empowered, equipped, and poised to surmount obstacles and persevere through challenges encountered on their journey toward success.

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