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The first book introduces us to Queen Izaar, created thousands of years ago by our human ancestors to be the scientist tasked with ensuring humanity thrives through time and space, ultimately safeguarding humanity. She is haunted by an ancient enemy: a reptilian race that has sought to eliminate humans for millennia, leading her to become a self-made warrior.

Now, the conflict intensifies as the enemy prepares to create an entity so powerful and unstoppable that it will set humanity on a path to destruction and extinction. Queen Izaar recruits five other superheroes to prevent such an entity from being created, all of whom happen to be members of the LGBTQ community. Each plays a crucial role in the fate of humanity, despite enduring rejection, attacks, and ostracism for generations due to their identities. They must find the strength to forgive humanity and unite with Queen Izaar to save our world.

Throughout the series, the fight for the survival of our flawed human race ironically rests in the hands of these LGBTQ heroes. Initially, each hero fights solely for LGBTQ rights or their personal struggles. However, as they uncover the greater conflict, they realize that the ultimate battle is for the survival of the entire human race.

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In the 1680s, a powerful society ruled over what is now known as the Tongo area on the west coast of Africa. Led by women who occupied the highest government and military positions, this thriving society revered men as protectors and worshippers of women, the creators of life.

After millennia of prosperity, English colonists stumbled upon them and swiftly sought to conquer them, unaware of the unique nature of this society. Initially perceived as a mere tribe, the English soon discovered the depth of power and resilience within this civilization as they attempted to infiltrate and subdue it. These would-be conquerors unwittingly plunged the Kingdom of England into the greatest conflict it had ever faced.

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The story follows Babette, an adorable French Bulldog who reigns as the sole ruler of her new home. Showered with love and affection by her human parents, she leads a blissful life as the alpha pup. However, her world is turned upside down when her owners introduce a new companion, Moby. Babette's initial reaction is one of hostility, as she asserts her dominance and refuses to relinquish her alpha status. Yet, over time, a truce is forged, and the two dogs learn to coexist, eventually forming a bond through playful interactions. Author and artist, Sergio, skillfully captures this journey from solitude to conflict to eventual acceptance, crafting a heartwarming tale suitable for children and dog lovers alike.

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