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In our current world, an evil alien race, the reptilians, threatens humanity’s existence and continues to battle an ancient war brought upon both races by their ancestors. Queen Izaar and her group of heroes, who have been persecuted their entire life for generations for the way they identify, are, ironically, the only ones that can save the flawed human race from extinction at the hands of the reptilians.

Sprawling across a vast multiverse of alien worlds and multiple dimensions with angels, demons, and alien races, our multifaceted characters and their rich experiences touch on many sensitive topics, such as social injustice, discrimination, authoritarianism, addictions, suicide, rape, slavery, genocide, and more. All seen through the lens of the LGBTQ+ community.

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In the 1680s, a powerful race ruled in what is known today as the Tongo area on the west coast of Africa. They were a thriving society led by women who held the highest positions in government and the military. In this kingdom, men were devoted to protecting and worshipping women as their gods, the creators of life.  After thousands of years of prosperity, English colonists discovered them and quickly aim to conquer them, unaware that this was like no other race they had ever encountered. At first, they seemed like a tribe, but as the English men infiltrated to conquer them, they discovered this race to be much more powerful and resilient. These would-be conquerors will thrust the Kingdom of England into the most significant conflict it has ever seen.


Kraven Magazine is an LGBTQ+ quarterly publication featuring articles from up to 25 individuals and businesses per volume, allowing them to reach our community at no cost. In addition, each issue will provide ad placements free of charge to LGBTQ+ small businesses through these sections: Entrepreneurship, Art and Entertainment, Fitness & Wellness, Cuisine, Travel, Queer Social Justice, Photography Editorials, Extraordinary People, Well-being/Coaching, Not-profits, and Drag.

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