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The first book introduces us to Queen Izaar, created thousands of years ago by our human ancestors to be the scientist tasked with ensuring humanity thrives through time and space, ultimately safeguarding humanity. She is haunted by an ancient enemy: a reptilian race that has sought to eliminate humans for millennia, leading her to become a self-made warrior.

Now, the conflict intensifies as the enemy prepares to create an entity so powerful and unstoppable that it will set humanity on a path to destruction and extinction. Queen Izaar recruits five other superheroes to prevent such an entity from being created, all of whom happen to be members of the LGBTQ community. Each plays a crucial role in the fate of humanity, despite enduring rejection, attacks, and ostracism for generations due to their identities. They must find the strength to forgive humanity and unite with Queen Izaar to save our world.

Throughout the series, the fight for the survival of our flawed human race ironically rests in the hands of these LGBTQ heroes. Initially, each hero fights solely for LGBTQ rights or their personal struggles. However, as they uncover the greater conflict, they realize that the ultimate battle is for the survival of the entire human race.

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Long ago, on a planet in another universe, a mysterious enemy emerged that consumed all the planet’s energy rendering it nearly uninhabitable for all but two resilient factions: Humans and Reptilians. Surprisingly, the enemy spared these two races. Believing they had triumphed, both races shared the final habitable zones of the planet, forging a strong alliance. However, they later learned that their universe was contracting and their home world was threatened with eventual destruction. Desperate for a solution, the best scientists, including a group of Black women known as The Loas Division, collaborated to find a way to travel through ten identified dark holes believed to be portals to other universes. The Loas Division initiated a secretive project to prepare for an exodus. However, due to the immense energy required, only a small fraction of beings could escape their impending doom.


As they progressed, societal chaos erupted upon the discovery of their secret plan. Both races were thrown into turmoil, grappling with impending doom and the ethical quandaries of who should be saved. In the midst of this crisis, their leaders—Lael, a Reptilian, and Vince, a Human, an interracial, queer couple—decided to lock all critical technological data and societal records within a bioengineered fetus referred to as the “Catalyst,” to be unlocked only through a harmonized union of both races. Lael and Vince also chose to upload their consciousnesses into the Catalyst with the hope of one day leading their races again.


The launch of the nine initial missions to traverse the dark holes ended in silence—no transmissions returned, no signs of success or failure. The final mission included the top diplomatic beings from both the Reptilian and Human races, the Loas Division, and the Catalyst, successfully arriving in our Universe on a planet the inhabitants called Mars. There, conflict awaited them as the native Martians resisted the new settlers, and in a brutal struggle, the Martians were subjected to genocide, clearing the way for Mars to be the new home for Reptilians and Humans.


After decades of peace, another star nation uncovered the disturbing truth of the Martian genocide. This revelation led to the formation of a “Federation of Star Nations,” which expelled the two races and mandated their disarming and submission to the federation’s rule. Both races rejected the requirement, setting the stage for war.


As war ravaged Mars, the Loas uncovered the Reptilians’ unethical secret program: bioengineering with thousands of beings from other star nations against their will to create the R-race, a new race of beings which would populate Earth and turn it into a military planet. Seeing this as an opportunity to seek independence from humanity, the Loas offered technology and weapons to humans in exchange for a spaceship to leave Mars. Humans and the Federation formed a successful alliance, and the Reptilians were defeated and forced to flee our galaxy, while the Loas departed for a planet believed to be devoid of life, Pluto. 


However, some Reptilians remained, hiding in the dark space within our sun, awaiting the right moment to reemerge. Decades later, Humans ascended as the predominant race in our star nation. But the Federation discovered an even more sinister secret: the true origins of Humans and Reptilians, prompting them to wage war on humanity.


Facing the possibility of extinction, scientists were charged with creating two special beings with the knowledge to create a new modern Human race if they ever vanished from Mars. The first two created were named Izaar and Lucifer, and from them, other pairs were created and sent to planets millions of light-years away, while Izaar and Lucifer were sent to Earth and tasked with making it habitable for humanity’s rebirth.


After some time on Earth, the Loas arrived seeking refuge after experiencing a war on Pluto with the remaining Reptilians. They possessed advanced technology and newfound abilities that could aid Izaar and Lucifer in making Earth habitable for their new modern humans. Izaar and Lucifer entered a sleep state of suspended animation, while the Loas commenced Earth’s terraformation.

Upon awakening, they received the grim news: Humanity had gone extinct hundreds of years before. Now, the fate of the rebirth of a once powerful race rested in the hands of Lucifer and Izaar, who now possessed the Catalyst.


The Federation, upon discovering the rebirth of Humans, permitted their existence solely as a primitive race, excluding them from our star’s community. However, the Reptilians, with the ability to shapeshift into Humans’ appearance, regrouped within Earth and lured Lucifer into joining them. Izaar was then forced to execute a dramatic and extreme plan that years later caused her to be imprisoned by the Federation.

Almost 2,500 years later, in 1940, Izaar was released with a mission to save humanity by stopping the Reptilian agenda on Earth, or the Federation would take matters into its hands and eradicate the planet entirely, including the elimination of the modern Humans. But she entered a world of hatred and division where Reptilians, disguised as Humans, were conquering Europe with plans for global supremacy.

Although Izaar managed to stop them, her efforts were complicated by ongoing Human conflicts. Running out of time, she became disillusioned and contemplated abandoning her mission to save humanity. However, an encounter with a diverse group of LGBTQ+ heroes reignited her hope for humanity’s salvation. Yet, she wondered if these marginalized heroes, who had long suffered persecution for their identities, would forgive humanity and join her in the fight to save our flawed Human race.

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Queen Izaar is a genderless, immortal being created by our human ancestors with one crucial task: protecting humanity. Across millennia, she's been instrumental in seeding human life on Earth not once, but twice, and is the inspiration behind many ancient god mythologies. Yet, despite her divine mission to safeguard humankind, even when it means making agonizing choices like global genocide, Queen Izaar finds herself increasingly isolated. With the power to both give and take life, she holds humanity's fate in her hands like no other.


Neveah's journey began in Montenegro's harsh streets, where she confronted abandonment and endured relentless homophobic attacks. Dr. Jovanovic, a compassionate scientist, stepped in, adopting her and providing much-needed support. But their tranquility was short-lived when Dr. Tihon, Jovanovic's superior, intervened, attempting to reverse Neveah's gender transition through stem cell research. Unexpectedly, this intervention bestowed Neveah with remarkable abilities to manipulate stem cells. Fleeing from Tihon's control, Neveah embarked on a quest for justice after her fiancée's tragic death. Along her path, she encountered other individuals with extraordinary powers, discovering a world of queer heroes emerging from the shadows.


In Uganda's depths, Jaseri emerges from tragedy—a survivor of her father's abuse and a symbol of resilience. Fleeing with her mother, she gives birth amidst chaos, her fate tied to ancient powers. As a Loa, her lineage holds West Africa's secrets, her ancestors shaping Earth itself. With the power to command nature, she becomes a guiding light for LGBTQ+ rights in Uganda. But when her path crosses with the heroes, everything shifts. Now allied, Jaseri faces her destiny alongside newfound companions. In a world on the brink, her strength becomes unstoppable.


Eron's story begins tragically in Venezuela, where he witnesses his mother's murder as a child. Blamed for her death by his drug-addicted father, Eron is left to fend for himself, taking odd jobs to survive. When the cartel comes for his father's debts, Eron is forcibly taken and groomed into a ruthless hitman. But a twist of fate at the cartel ranch grants him a chance to escape, revealing newfound abilities. However, battling addiction and trauma, Eron falls into drug abuse. Fortunately, a hero from the Queen's team reaches out, offering the support he needs to overcome his struggles and becoming a hero himself. 


Kian's journey originates in another universe, crafted in a lab as a safeguard—a blend of advanced tech within the Catalyst to stave off disaster. Transported to our universe during crisis, Queen Izaar defied protocol to breathe life into him, only to later relinquish him for adoption. As an adult, Kian embarks on a quest for his identity. His search leads to a startling discovery when the US government captures him for his unique DNA. Fortunately, Queen Izaar and her emerging community of queer heroes intervene, rescuing him from confinement. Their reunion is fraught with tension, clouded by unanswered questions. Yet, amidst the uncertainty, Kian finds himself drawn into a larger conflict, realizing his role in a destiny beyond his comprehension.


Nami's origins trace back to Hong Kong, where he was afflicted with a life-threatening illness that only his father's nanotechnology could cure. However, an unexpected consequence of the treatment bestowed upon him the power to manipulate electrical devices. Exploiting Nami's newfound abilities for personal gain, his father constructed an underground empire, which Nami ultimately dismantled. In the aftermath, Nami grappled with feelings of isolation, remorse, and an overwhelming desire for vengeance. Yet, beneath his hardened exterior, he remains a romantic at heart. Motivated by a newfound sense of purpose, Nami channels his abilities towards aiding those oppressed by the powerful and affluent. His mission: to restore freedom and autonomy to those in need.


Kuo, the father of Nami, harbors deep-seated resentment towards his son following their liberation from virtual reality confinement, where he and his wife were imprisoned by Nami himself. Nami incarcerated his parents after discovering Kuo's involvement in the assassination of his boyfriend. After years in virtual reality imprisonment, Kuo's fury towards his son knows no bounds; he now views Nami as his adversary. Driven by a vengeful desire to settle the score, Kuo endeavors to exact retribution upon Nami by enlisting the help of their old-time colleague, Diosdado. Diosdado will aid Kuo in attaining incredible power that surpasses his son's abilities, setting humanity on a path toward destruction and extinction.


Crafted alongside Queen Izaar, Lucifer is a genderless immortal entity forged by our human ancestors with the shared mission of safeguarding humanity. However, harboring feelings of inferiority compared to humans, Lucifer veered off course and ultimately betrayed them by aligning with the reptilian race. Queen Izaar apprehended Lucifer for his treachery, yet after enduring 5,000 years of captivity, Lucifer managed to break free with the help of Diosdado, rejoining them to advance the reptilian agenda of world domination, as he is the one who can create souls for the R-race when they arrive on Earth. Lucifer possesses the ability to command demons, souls that he himself created millennia ago, adding another layer of complexity to his formidable powers.


Diosdado, a Reptilian disguised in human form, operates within what used to be known as the Nazi organization, with the agenda to prepare Earth for the arrival of the Reptilians' leader, Draco, along with their bio-engineered R-race army. Tasked with overseeing a global drug cartel, Diosdado orchestrates the distribution of narcotics worldwide, funneling profits and resources to advance the Reptilian agenda. Simultaneously, this clandestine operation serves to destabilize human society, undermining its foundations.

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