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Perseverance Pays Off exemplifies Eloy’s purpose in life, which is to uplift, support, and educate his community and loved ones. This book is also an extension of his TEDx Talk of the same name and his podcast, LPDcast. This book is timely because it centers a story that is often overlooked, that of first-generation gay Latinos and how we navigate identity, society, and cultural expectations. Perseverance Pays Off speaks to the experience that many gay Latino’s have and provides tangible tools that contribute to our personal development. It’s a sincere account of what a gay person goes through when they come out as an adult and navigate identity after years of being in the closet. It’s also important because it provides hope and motivation for people to embrace their true selves and live fulfilling lives.


The purpose of Perseverance Pays off is to impact the LGBTQIA+ community in a genuine and heartfelt way. I want people to feel seen and understood. I want gay Latino’s to feel represented and safe to be themselves. I want the community to be impacted positively and sincerely. I want young people to feel safe to search for their identity, I want young adults to feel understood, and I want older adults to feel embraced and celebrated for the trials they have survived. I want to educate and empower the community. I want the community to know that I see them, I love them, and I am rooting for them.


You should buy Perseverance Pays Off because you will have a empowering experience learning from the book in an easily understanding, and loving way. Perseverance Pays Off is the reminder you need to believe in yourself and the tool that shows you how to accomplish self-fulfillment. It’s short and concise and takes into consideration how busy life can be. You will learn valuable lessons that are easy to consume, and you will find yourself revisiting Perseverance Pays Off time and again to reinforce the powerful message of living your truth.



Ch 1

Chapter one introduces the foundation of self-fulfillment, which is self- acceptance and self-love. In this chapter you will be encouraged to see yourself as you are and focus on the beauty of your existence and tenacity. You will learn the importance of positive self-talk and how to live in a state of self-compassion and understanding.


Ch 2

Chapter two puts into perspective the ways in which our choices impact our successes and encourages us to show up to our lives wholly and with intent. This chapter is about accountability and encourages you to see accountability as a stepping stone to greatness. This chapter bolsters you to determine your path and acknowledge that you are fully in control and in the driver’s seat.


Ch 3

Chapter three debunks the illusion that luck is random and involuntary. In this chapter you will learn that luck is a combination of preparedness and opportunity. You too can be lucky so long as you are willing to learn, practice, and execute your mission properly when the time comes. So that when the spotlight is on you, you are ready to shine.


Ch 4

Chapter four underscores the reality that we are not alone, and that the relationships we foster can enrich our lives beyond measure. In this chapter you will be reminded of the importance of community and reciprocity. You will be encouraged to be selective with your relationships and foster an environment where you learn together, grow together, and prosper together.


Ch 5

Chapter five reassures you that everything you need to succeed dwells within you. By refining your skills and approach to life, you will achieve self-fulfillment and accomplish your goals. This chapter highlights that you are just as capable of reaching the heights of the legends we hold so dear. Athletes, entertainers, intellectuals, and everyone in between, they are just like you, they are human, and you can reach their level of self-fulfillment as well.


Ch 6

Chapter six inspires us to be intentional about who we learn from and what lessons we are seeking. This chapter reinforces us to listen and learn so that we can internalize the lessons that will support our personal growth. You will be reminded that your character will be tested, and that integrity is essential to living an honorable and well-rounded life.


Ch 7

The final chapter encourages you to show up for your life every day. It is a reminder that no one can live your life for you, and no one can accomplish your dreams but you. This chapter encourages you to internalize that you are worth the effort to overcome obstacles you face and to be proud of your determination. It is a reminder that you can make it to the finish line, so long as you continue to move forward one step at a time, one day at a time.


About the author

Eloy Garcia is California born and raised, he is a podcast host, writer, and communication specialist. Eloy graduated from California State University San Bernardino where he studied Relational and Organizational Communication, Gender Studies, and Native American Studies. His podcast is called LPDcast and is a personal development podcast that focuses on the intersection of BIPOC identity and the LGBTQIA+ experience. He adapted the ethos of LPDcast into a TEDx Talk titled Perseverance Pays Off and his first book of the same title. Eloy leverages his experience as a first-generation student and an openly gay Latino to provide skills, habits, and resources that will enrich his community and help people attain self-love and self-fulfillment. He currently resides in Palm Springs California with his partner and chosen family.

Perseverance Pays Off

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