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In the 1680s, a powerful society ruled over what is now known as the Tongo area on the west coast of Africa. Led by women who occupied the highest government and military positions, this thriving society revered men as protectors and worshippers of women, the creators of life.

After millennia of prosperity, English colonists stumbled upon them and swiftly sought to conquer them, unaware of the unique nature of this society. Initially perceived as a mere tribe, the English soon discovered the depth of power and resilience within this civilization as they attempted to infiltrate and subdue it. These would-be conquerors unwittingly plunged the Kingdom of England into the greatest conflict it had ever faced.


Intro to Loas of Kraven

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In 1685, King James II ascended to the throne of England and Scotland, inheriting control over the lucrative Royal African Company, which dominated the transatlantic slave trade. While the demand for enslaved individuals surged, King James's daughter, Mary, residing in the Dutch Republic with her husband, King William of Orange, quietly opposed her father's exploitative practices and sought to abolish slavery and the slave trade.


Meanwhile, King James dispatched colonist explorers to delve into the dense jungles of the Tongo region in West Africa. Despite their efforts, the challenging terrain and vast distance hindered their progress, delaying the King's reach to this distant land.


After months of exploration, the colonists stumbled upon a remarkable civilization known as the Loas. These beings, ancient and advanced, posed a formidable threat to the supremacy of the European colonizers. Led by Ayira, the primary Loa, along with Naya and Keita, the Loas occupied esteemed positions in their society, with women holding paramount roles in government and the military. Revered as life-givers, the Loa women were worshipped by men, who pledged their lives to protect them.


Amidst a backdrop of secrecy and intrigue, Ayira grapples with safeguarding her kingdom from the encroaching European colonists, who seek to subjugate them, strip away their freedoms, and subject them to enslavement for trade with the American colonies.

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Back Story of Loas of Kraven

Thousands of years ago, Mars was home to both humans and the Reptilian race, but escalating hostility and avarice led to the downfall of their civilizations. Recognizing the perilous trajectory, a group of visionary women chose to break away from humanity, forming the formidable collective known as the Loas. Comprising engineers, activists, doctors, warriors, and scientists, the Loas emerged as a beacon of intellect and resilience.

When a Loa intercepted a distress signal from a distant planet, revealing a dying race in need of a crucial mineral found on Mars, the Loas embarked on a daring mission to aid these strangers. Escaping the turmoil of Martian conflict, the Loas arrived on the enigmatic planet and rescued its verdant inhabitants, dubbed the Greens. In a symbiotic exchange of knowledge, the two civilizations thrived in their newfound sanctuary.

However, the Loas soon faced a dire threat as their bodies succumbed to the planet's hostile environment. With only three Loas remaining, the Greens devised a radical solution: genetic hybridization. Through a transformative process, the last survivors of the Loas were reborn as a hybrid race, their bodies now equipped to combat the lethal affliction. Ayira, the leader of the Loas, emerged as the mother of this nascent lineage, ushering in a new era for her people.

Centuries later, the tranquility of their sanctuary was shattered when fleeing Reptilians discovered the planet and wrought destruction upon it. In the aftermath, Ayira led her transformed race toward Mars, only to find the planet on the brink of annihilation. Faced with this grim reality, Ayira made the fateful decision to redirect their course toward Earth, seeking a new home for her kin amidst the chaos of interstellar turmoil.

When faced with the looming demise of Mars, humans devised a contingency plan: the creation of two immortal beings imbued with the knowledge and technology to propagate humanity on Earth in the event of their extinction. These beings, Izaar and Lucifer of Class6, were tasked with this monumental responsibility.

Upon receiving Ayira's plea for assistance, Izaar and Lucifer, the designated caretakers of humanity's legacy, enlisted the aid of the Loas in terraforming Earth. Leveraging Ayira's extraordinary abilities, Izaar initiated the birthing process of humanity on the new planet. In exchange for their pivotal role in this endeavor, Izaar and Lucifer negotiated a pact with the Loas, ensuring their clandestine existence on Earth without interference or awareness from humans or any other entities.


After millennia of growth and expansion, humanity flourishes on Earth, unaware of its celestial origins. Meanwhile, the Loas have maintained their hidden existence, concealing themselves from human awareness. However, their anonymity is threatened as humanity's insatiable thirst for power and greed encroaches upon their secrecy. Inevitably, the English colonists stumble upon the Loas, setting the stage for an inevitable confrontation.

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