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 In the 1680s, a powerful race ruled in what is known today as the Tongo area on the west coast of Africa. They were a thriving society led by women who held the highest positions in government and the military. In this kingdom, men were devoted to protecting and worshipping women as their gods, the creators of life.  After thousands of years of prosperity, English colonists discovered them and quickly aim to conquer them, unaware that this was like no other race they had ever encountered. At first, they seemed like a tribe, but as the English men infiltrated to conquer them, they discovered this race to be much more powerful and resilient. These would-be conquerors will thrust the Kingdom of England into the most significant conflict it has ever seen.


Intro to Loas of Kraven

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In 1685, England’s King James II inherited the throne of his brother Charles II, taking complete control over the kingdoms of England and Scotland. This includes the lucrative slave trade company, The Royal African Company, which supplies enslaved people to the Americas, thirteen colonies, and the Caribbean. As demand grows for enslaved people, so does the conquest of much of northwest Africa. However, the King’s daughter Mary lives in the Dutch Republic with her husband, King William of Orange. She disagrees with her father’s practices and beliefs. The couple is protestant and secretly wants to abolish slavery and the slave trade.  


James II sent his colonist explorers to venture deep into the jungles of what is now known as the Tongo area in west Africa. But unfortunately for them, the dense jungle and the distance made it difficult for the King to reach this land. 


After months of exploring, they finally see tracks that lead to a civilization like no other they have conquered. They discover a powerful race called Loas, so powerful and advanced that it threatens the power of the caucasian men of England.


The Loas have been here since the day nature was born. This race has shaped the world through time and space and yet remained unnoticed. The leader of this kingdom is Ayira, the main Loa. Together with the two other Loas, Naya and Keita, they hold the highest and most respected positions in their society. In this kingdom, women are the most valuable members of society. Therefore, they have the highest elevated positions in government and the military. The men see them as goddesses, as they are the ones that give life to their race. Therefore, men will give their lives to protect their women.


Full of secrets and mysteries, Ayira must protect the kingdom from the European caucasian colonists who want to destroy them, take away their freedom, and turn them into enslaved people to trade with the American colonies.

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Back Story of Loas of Kraven

Thousands of years ago, humans lived on Mars together with the Reptilian race. Society was turning hostile. Thirst for power and greed brought these twin civilizations to collapse. Seeing the path both races were taking, a group of women decided to become independent from humanity. They formed the most intelligent and robust team, calling themselves the Loas. They were engineers, political activists, doctors, warriors, scientists, and more. One day a Loa stole a message from a planet unknown to host life. The message came from a dying race on this far-out planet. They needed a mineral that was found on Mars. As the conflict intensifies and a war begins on Mars, the Loas escape into an unknown world to save a strange race. 


After arriving on this mysterious planet, they saved this race, which the Loas call the Green because of their green appearance. The Loas and the Green were learning from each other, hidden in a whole new world, while Mars was at bloody war back home. After so long, the environment started to kill these Loas slowly. With only 3 Loas left, the greens found a solution to save them. By rewriting the gene sequencing to convert them into a hybrid race, their bodies will make antibodies for the illness. Like this, the last three surviving Loas become a new race. Ayira gave birth to the new hybrid newborn, and from that first child, more came, and she became the mother of the Loas race. 


After hundreds of years, this new planet was discovered by members of the Reptilian race who escaped the War with Humans on Mars. The Reptilians destroy their world. At the end of their war, Ayira runs from the reptilians and aims to come back to Mars with a new race; the greens go on their way into a dark universe. As Ayira and her race get close to Mars, they see that Mars is at the edge of being destroyed. Ayira decides to let them die, and instead, they look to earth.


When humans on Mars saw their end was coming, they created a plan - bioengineering two immortal beings to whom they gave the knowledge and technology to make humans on planet earth if the humans on Mars ever vanished (Izaar and Lucifer from Class6).


Ayira contacts Izaar, who, with Lucifer, were these unique two immortal beings. The Loas offered them help to terraform Earth using Ayira’s special abilities. Using her gifts, Izaar can give birth to humanity. In exchange, they will be able to live on earth hidden, with no contact with humans or no one knowing about the existence of their hybrid race. 



After thousands of years, humanity grows and expands, discovering earth, unknowing of their life origins. Loas have managed to stay invisible, but that will no longer be the case. The thirst for power and greed poisons humanity and the English colonists are about to discover the Loas. 

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