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Kraven COmics

Universe Anthology

Eons ago, Humans and Reptilians mysteriously arrived on Mars, their origins shrouded in enigma. Both species endured the tumult of an intergalactic war against a malevolent force, which ultimately led them to seek refuge in a new star system. To ensure their survival in this uncharted realm, they resorted to drastic measures, callously committing genocide against the existing Martian population, thus establishing Mars as their new home while keeping their origins a secret.

The Humans and Reptilians established themselves as superior yet competitive races. However, a series of events and betrayals ensued, leading to the reptilians becoming humanity's primary adversary. Defeated in the war against humans, the reptilians and their leader, Draco, were banished from our star.

Centuries later, as human-made conflicts threatened their impending extinction on Mars, they created Izaar and Lucifer, two unique beings tasked with terraforming and inhabiting the neighboring planet, Earth, thus giving rise to the modern human race. Thousands of years later, the established Earth's human civilization begins to self-destruct with the emergence of dictators and autocrats inciting interracial conflicts, homophobia, and atrocities against humanity. This was the perfect scenario for the reptilians to reemerge aiming to take what they believe belongs to them, Earth.

After a long absence, Izaar returns to Earth, given an ultimatum by the federation of our star to eliminate the reptilian race before they take matters into their own hands. This is when she crosses paths with these unique beings who possess special abilities and whose lives have been interconnected since the beginning of time. However, there is one issue: these soon-to-be heroes identify as LGBTQ, and they are the ones who can stand behind Izaar to save humanity. But after being ostracized and attacked for generations, they are left wondering, is humanity worth saving?

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