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1.1 The Cure

We introduce Neveah, who has been hiding her true identity for years, afraid of the nefarious Dr. Tihon. He orders Neveah's death; instead, her girlfriend becomes collateral damage. As Neveah plots to take revenge, she discovers Dr. Tihon is holding LGBTQ hostages in his Russian laboratories while performing gruesome experiments upon them in his quest to end homosexuality. Dr. Tihon has other enemies: Eron has reason to seek revenge. Neveah and Eron join forces in an attempt to rescue the victims. 


1.2 Realities

Nami is behind his father's devious clandestine empire, which is now at risk as he schemes to run away with his boyfriend Xio. Kuo, Nami's father, annihilates Xio and his entire impoverished Chinese village. But Nami takes Xio's dead body and transfers his consciousness into a virtual robot. Years later, to make amends for the atrocities committed by his father, he uses his ability to steal from evil rogue organizations worldwide, including one his father worked for that is run by Nazis, the reptilian race.


1.3 Voodoo

Jaseri, rescued by her courageous mother after being raped and beaten by her fanatic father, fled to the Democratic Republic of Congo with her mother. Her powers are activated when her newborn baby girl is taken away by her mother for the baby's safety. Jaseri is then banished to a mysterious island, where she meets her grandmother and learns she is part of a genetically engineered bloodline known as The Loas of Kraven. Jaseri crosses paths with Neveah, who helps her capture Pastor Scott Lively, who is to blame for a "Kill the gays" bill.

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1.4 Riots

In this episode, we introduce Queen lzaar, who is willing to fight to the death to protect what she loves the most, her human race. We explore her ancient past, the beginning of human creation, and the truth about biblical events. Queen lzaar makes an appearance at the trial of Pastor Scott Lively in an attempt to find out about the elusive Nami.

Class6 latest episode

Nightmares, E9

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1.5 The briefcase

Neveah, Queen lzaar, Jaseri, and Jennifer plot a rescue mission to liberate our hero Kian from the US Military secret research facility before the government can extract Kian's unique DNA. The mission is a failure, and she is forced to seek an audience with the president of the United States to demand the DNA samples be destroyed. But it is too late, and the Nazi reptilian race has stolen the DNA.


1.6 The DNA

This episode introduces Julian, a puppet of the reptilian race and a homophobic righteous man of faith. Julian is injected with Kian's DNA samples to access Kian's unique sequence. The DNA of the reptilians isn't complete enough, as Kian's DNA is more complex and secure than it thought. As a result of being injected with Kian's DNA, Julian begins to experience special abilities similar to Kian's. The reptilian race will use Julian's unique skills to try and capture Kian, so they can kill him and access the complete information within his DNA.



In this episode, we introduce Lucifer, Queen lzaar's lover from thousands of years ago. A series of events led to their relationship's demise, and Lucifer was banished to Hell, a cell deep in the Earth's center. We learn about Queen Izaar's master plan to preserve the two ancient races, the reptilians and the original humans. Having been imprisoned in Hell for 5,000 years, Lucifer is presented with an opportunity to escape into our world, thirsty for revenge.


1.9 Nightmares

After Julian was injected with Kian's DNA, they developed a unique telepathic bond. Amidst the confusion, two long-dormant conscious beings emerge - Lael and Vince, the original leaders of the human and reptilian races. Kian's and Julian's bodies now serve as antennas absorbing the energetic force around them, replicating the same energy that killed their Universe. Lael and Vince must help Kian and Julian sever themselves from this force, or all the data and technology will be lost forever, leaving the rest of the world to possible extinction.

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1.8 Secrets

In this episode, Queen Izaar's memories take us back to five thousand years ago when she ruled the human race on Earth. After thousands of years of peace, she is faced with the rise of the reptilian race. Her cities are now falling under the enemy's forces. After Lucifer betrays her, Queen lzaar is again forced to sacrifice human lives to defeat the reptilians. Yet, not every reptilian is soulless. Stuart, a Royal Reptilian, has an offer Queen lzaar knows would end this bloody cycle of wars. Here, we take our readers back to the battle that changed humankind's future forever.


1.10 Redemption

In this episode, we introduce Eron and how his dad blames him for the death of his mother. He is later given to the cartel to pay for his father’s drug debt. He became a hitman of the cartel de Los soles in Venezuela. But one day, he discovers that the cartel is also the Nazi/Reptilian and their plan to dominate the world. Eron, unaware, saves the world. As a result, his life changes forever as he finds new abilities. Even with powers, Eron struggles with drug addiction as Nami finds him and tries to help him.

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