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The preeminent leader of the Loas, Ayira, stands as their indomitable matriarch. Under her guidance, the Loas civilization has flourished for millennia, fostering a society devoid of hatred and conflict, where harmony prevails among its inhabitants.

Gifted with extraordinary abilities, Ayira serves as a conduit to the goddesses and spirits of past lives, drawing upon their wisdom and intervention when needed. Additionally, she commands power over nature, a skill honed over countless millennia alongside her esteemed counterparts, Naya and Keita.

Yet, Ayira's formidable authority has not shielded her from envy and treachery within her ranks. Despite her efforts to conceal her race, the ever-shrinking world, marked by burgeoning populations and encroaching English colonists, threatens their secrecy.

With the discovery of her people by the English colonists, Ayira faces an imminent threat to her kingdom and the enslavement of her people. Determined to safeguard her race, she must marshal all her strength and cunning to fend off those who seek to destroy her realm.



She appears to be Ayira's sole daughter, but the revelation unfolds that she is not the lone child of Ayira, a revelation that will unravel gradually throughout the narrative. Oni's upbringing is surrounded by influential women who instill in her the values of empowerment and self-improvement. However, despite her desire for a closer bond with Ayira, their relationship falls short of her expectations.

Throughout her life, Oni has been confined within the confines of the Loas kingdom, prohibited from interacting with other races. However, with the imminent approach of the Englishmen, Oni is determined to challenge the longstanding policy of isolation that has governed her people for millennia, even as she remains oblivious to the true intentions of the English colonists.

Oni embodies a rebellious, optimistic, and spirited persona, underscored by her unwavering strength of character. Like her mother, she possesses the innate qualities of leadership, poised to rise to the occasion as events unfold.



Among the trio, Keita shares the deepest bond with Ayira, and alongside Naya, they safeguard the secrets of their lineage and existence. Entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring their security, Keita holds a position of utmost trust within their society. Her primary duty is to safeguard their race, fostering a culture where every citizen is equipped to defend themselves, even though warfare has not been advocated for millennia. Additionally, Keita assumes a maternal role towards Oni, akin to an aunt. Despite her prowess as a formidable fighter, Keita maintains a sweet and optimistic outlook on life, living each day with gratitude for the blessings it brings.



After centuries of being prohibited from pursuing new research, Naya finds herself constrained by the monotony of everyday life, harboring a deep bitterness compared to her counterparts. Fueled by resentment towards the others, she grapples with a sense of alienation within her own kingdom, feeling like a misfit. Naya holds a belief that her true place lies beyond the confines of their society, among the humans she once mingled with in the past.



Mary, a rebellious young princess wedded to the Duke of the Dutch Republic, is a staunch Protestant who eschews religious beliefs. She advocates for women to have a more prominent role in society and champions the idea of a queen ruling the kingdom. In the absence of her husband, King William of Orange, who is engaged in warfare, Mary takes charge of overseeing the Dutch Republic. With a firm stance against slavery, Mary is determined to see her father, the King, ousted from power to bring an end to the institution. She emerges as a steadfast ally for the Loas in their struggle against oppression.



Charles, the son of a deceased general, was raised by James II, who filled him with teachings of hate. As an explorer commander tasked with seeking out new territories for slaves, Charles stumbles upon the Loas kingdom. However, as events unfold, Charles finds himself torn between the ideologies instilled in him and his growing realization of what he feels is truly right. Ultimately, it is love that has the power to transform, even redeeming one from the clutches of hate.



He is the king of Scotland and England, consumed by his thirst for power and the imposition of Catholicism upon his subjects. With the demand for slaves at its peak and supply insufficient, he sets his sights on acquiring the inhabitants of the Loas kingdom discovered by Charles, his explorer. Despite his inability to sire a son, his pregnant wife offers hope for the birth of a rightful heir to his throne.

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