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The highest Loa, the strongest of all, Ayira, is their eternal leader. The Loas race was born to Ayira's children, and for thousands of years, she had led the Loas kingdom into a thriving society; one with no hate and no wars, just people peacefully living one with another. 


Ayira possesses abilities to connect a bridge with the goddesses and spirits of past lives for guidance and intervention. She also has power over nature, which she acquired thousands of years ago in a distant past only known by three main Loas; Naya, Keita, and Ayira. 


Much power doesn't come without traitors who envy her and stop at nothing to be like her. Ayira has managed to keep her race hidden, but the world has become small with a growing world population and English colonists conquering other nearby lands. 


The Englishmen have discovered her race, and now Ayira must do everything in her power to defend her race from the colonists who want to destroy her kingdom and enslave her people.



She seems to be Ayira's only daughter, but she will realize that she is Ayira's last child but not the only one throughout the story. Oni grew surrounded by powerful women who empowered her to be the best version of herself. Oni and Ayira don't have as close a relationship as she wishes to have. Throughout Oni's whole life, she has been forbidden with the rest of the Loas kingdom to contact any other race. Now that the English men are approaching, she aims to change her kingdom policy that has been in place for thousands of years without knowing the Englishmen's real intentions. Oni's personality is a rebel, optimistic, innocent, of strong character, defined, and like her mom, she has the spirit of a leader.



Of the three of them, Keita is the closest to Ayira, and they, together with Naya, hold the secrets of their existence. Keita is in charge of their security, a position that only a trustworthy person can hold. Her purpose is always to be ready to defend their race, including ensuring every citizen knows how to protect themself even though they haven't encouraged war for thousands of years. Keita is also like an aunty to Oni. Keita, apart from being a tough fighter, also has a sweet and positive attitude towards life. She lives gratefully for every given day.



After hundreds of years of not being allowed to conduct new research, she is forced to live an everyday life; she is the bitter one from the four of them. Full of resentment against the others, she feels like she doesn't belong in her kingdom. Naya believes she belongs outside in the world with the rest of the humans as she did once before.



Mary is a young rebel princess married to the Duke of the dutch republic. Protestant, she doesn't believe in religion, believes that women must have a stronger voice in society, and believes it is time for a Queen to rule the kingdom. While her husband, King Willian of Orange, is at war, she oversees the dutch republic. Mary opposes slavery and believes that her father, the King, must be overthrown for slavery to be abolished. She will become a solid ally for the Loas.



Charles is the son of a general that died at war. James II raised him as the son he couldn't yet have and taught him everything he knew, including hate, unfortunately. Charles is the explorer commander in charge of finding more slaves in the untouched territories, leading to the discovery of the Loas kingdom. But at one point in the story, Charles is faced with choosing between what he was taught is right or what he feels is right. Love can change everything, even healing one from hate.



He is the king of Scotland and England. He is obsessed with power and with forcing the citizens of his kingdom into catholicism. The demand for slaves is high, and he doesn't have enough supply. When Charles, his explorer, discovers that there is a kingdom full of what he believes are new, strong slaves, he wants to have them all. He hasn't been able to have a son, but his wife is finally pregnant to give birth to the man who will inherit his throne one day.

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