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Jennifer endured the loss of her parents at a young age, shouldering the responsibility of raising her sister in their absence. However, when her sister came out as a lesbian, Jennifer's inability to accept her drove a wedge between them. Their paths diverged, with Jennifer enlisting in the army while her sister vanished without a trace.


Years later, consumed by regret and longing for reconciliation, Jennifer embarked on a quest to find her sister, only to discover that she had passed away, leaving Jennifer bereft of the opportunity to seek forgiveness. Determined to honor her sister's memory and make amends for her past mistakes, Jennifer resolved to utilize her military skills to provide protection for vulnerable LGBTQ individuals.

In her mission to safeguard the marginalized, Jennifer crossed paths with Nami, whose technological expertise complemented her military prowess. Together, they founded the HRA (Human Rights Army), a clandestine organization dedicated to defending the rights and safety of the LGBTQ community, blending Nami's innovative technology with Jennifer's strategic acumen.

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