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In the summer of 2010, when Fernando Velez was just 23, he launched his first project, Kraven Magazine. For five years together with his Managing Editor and more than ten queer writers, most of them exclusive writers Fernando gave a tool to empower the LGBTQ community, which led to the creation of Kraven Comics. Seven years ago, the magazine was close to focusing on the comic book that demanded so much of Fernando.

Now that Kraven Comics is running smoothly, Fernando wants to bring back his babe, Kraven magazine, but with a new concept to bring together our community give them a voice but most essential to be a magazine about helping the community thrive. 

One of the reasons that inspired us to bring it back was our experience reaching out to the company that owns most of the big gay magazines. We contacted Queerty to ask for their support by letting our community know that we already have LGBTQ representation in the comic book industry, one that comes from our community. However, they got back asking for 5,000 dollars but then wrote about Marvel turning characters gay for free. This left Fernando thinking that big magazines like them silence our community, don't have our backs, and we can't count on them. Having that in mind, Fernando wants to bring back Kraven Magazine with a focus on being that voice to the community, to support people with talent that are not famous. We want to provide ad placement for free to small gay own businesses, artists, and entrepreneurs. We want every article to benefit someone in our community. As we get close to summer, we will release more details. 

The first magazine is scheduled to be released for pride month. If you like to follow the magazine, you can fill up this form, and we will keep you updated about the magazine. 


Kraven is unique in that our mission is defined by one word; positivity. A strong community starts with strong individuals, and we all can benefit from these voices, which remind us that we have the power to shape the life, mind, and body that we dream of.

Kraven Magazine is the voice that dares you to become the best you can be. It provides bold, engaging content that challenges, nurtures, and entertains various categories, including Fitness, Well-being, Cuisine, Relationship, Fashion, Queer & Social Justice, Evolution, Interviews, Travel, and Extraordinary people a section that interviews people with amazing inspirational stories. 

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